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Monday, May 20, 2013

It All Goes To The Dogs -- wrapup

     To understand how this It All Goes To The Dogs bike show got its start, you have to go back to the old HOG Chapter days and the Leigh Nolan Poker Run.

    The Leigh Nolan Poker Run was the FBACC’s signature event for around 10 years. Named after Charlie and Judy Nolan’s late daughter, it sought to raise money for a number of local charities, notably UPARC, the Upper Pinellas Association of Retarded Citizens. Leigh Nolan was born with spina bifida, and she was a UPARC client until she died in her mid-20s.
    The Leigh Nolan Poker Run became a staple event among Pinellas County motorcyclists and it raised a fair amount of money over the years. After a decade, however, the event sort of ran out of gas. It got to be more of a chore than a pleasure, and after a while it was decided that the event had run its course and needed to come to an end.
     Then, of course, we lost FBACC altogether. The second-generation Florida West Coast Motorcycle Club rose from its ashes, but we still didn’t have a signature event that we could look forward to putting on every year.
     Our first thought was to develop another poker run. We talked about it and started planning a poker run event, but a number of things made us realize that a poker run might be too ambitious. We were going to do a poker run to remember area police dogs, a number of whom are buried in the pet cemetery behind the old Fletcher’s store. But we decided the heavy road construction on US19 might make that idea too dangerous; plus, we felt that the huge volunteer requirements for a five-stop poker run might spread us too thin.
     So… what to do?
     A number of discussions and brainstorming sessions led us to the idea of a ride-in bike show. We liked the idea of a single location, and we felt the planning and management requirements would be more suitable for our group.
     Our developing relationship with Sea Dog Brew Pub on US19 at Enterprise gave us a place to put on the bike show, and our relationships with Cycle Springs, Attorney Fran Haasch and others meant that we had a good array of sponsors ready to join forces with us.
     We also had a number of members who were eager to pitch in, and our new activities director, Matt Knapik, was ready to take on the leadership challenge.
     So that’s the background. Now, let’s take a look at how the It All Goes to the Dogs Ride-In Bike Show actually took place this past weekend.
   The idea was to put a bunch of motorcycles on display in a number of different categories, and let anybody and everybody who came by vote on their favorites. While we would have been happy to display show-quality bikes, we really wanted to have regular bikers display their regular rides. We had some very cool bikes that showed up, but the overall turnout was weighted toward bikes that people obviously rode on a regular basis. In all, 37 bikes were entered in Cruiser, Touring, Sport, Custom
     In addition to the trophies we handed out in these categories, we also had awards for Best in Show and Best Represented Club.
   Any fundraiser needs recipients for the funds that get raised. From the start, we had interest in    having dog-related organizations benefit from our efforts. Dunedin Doggie Rescue, Southeastern Guide Dogs and Florida Great Pyranees Club agreed to be our fund recipients, and all three attended the event and brought dogs along for the ride.
      When the day was over, we had raised $529, and had a great time doing it. We had a few minor glitches, but surprisingly few for a first-time event. Next year, we’ll probably focus more attention on attracting a bigger crowd, which shouldn’t be too hard now that we have a successful event behind us.
     Also, there was one side benefit that we really hadn’t expected; we signed up five new FWCMC members, most of whom have been long-time members of local (but not Pinellas County) HOG chapters.
     FWCMC won the Best Represented Club trophy – no big surprise there. But we were delighted to have participation from two other area clubs, Goodfellows MC and Florida Gulf Coast HOG.
      Many, many people deserve thanks for all they did to make this event a success. Special thanks to our exhibitors, our sponsors, and to Sea Dog for opening their doors and their parking lot to us. See you next year!

  • Cruiser
    1st Terry Marshang
           2nd Jim Barbe
  • Touring
           1st Jerry Lindley
           2nd Ray Garci
  • Trike
           1st Louie Cobra Napol
           2nd Dick Pritchard
  • Custom       
           1st Joe Simpson
           2nd Arville Bell
  • Sport
           1st Maureen Scharibone
  • Best in Show
           Arville Bell

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  1. We had a wonderful time at the event. Great job by everyone!!


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