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Friday, April 5, 2013

It rained on Glo's parade...

This could have been a day that didn't go very well.

Almost-Road Captain Glo Walsh
Glo Walsh was going to lead a breakfast ride this morning to Skyway Jack's in St. Petersburg. Skyway Jack's is always a treat because it is one of the best (and the funkiest) breakfast/lunch spots in all of Tampa Bay. It's one of the first discoveries I made when I moved to this area 20 years ago -- so long ago that Skyway Jack's was at that time actually located near the Skyway. Now it's in South St. Pete on US 19. Different location, but just as funky as it always was.

Anyway, Road Captain Mike Rieker was going to do Glo's checkoff, and she was really looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, it was raining Friday morning, and the forecast didn't look very promising. I rode my bike to McDonald's anyway, hoping to catch a break from the Weather Gods; instead, I got soaked, and had to spend about a half-hour standing under a Hess canopy.

So the ride didn't turn out to be what we expected. In fact, the ride didn't go to Skyway Jack's at all. But a number of people -- Glo and Jerry, Mike Reiker and Rey Garcia -- showed up in cars. Like I said, I showed  up, very wet, on my bike.

Breakfast at Country Skillet (not Skyway Jack's)
Instead of a bike ride, we had mostly a car caravan. And instead of a ride to St. Pete, we had a ride of about 300 yards to the Country Skillet. Not wishing the opportunity to just slip by, Glo went through the motions of a regular ride checkoff, and she had obviously done her homework. She may have to do another actual qualifying ride in the future, but she handled all the ride preliminaries very well, so she should sail through the actual ride without problems.

We had a good meal and plenty of good conversation at the Country Skillet. It wasn't exactly what we had in mind, but it was a great time anyway.

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