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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Living in New Jersey for many years, we thought nothing of toll roads. Heck the state is an island and every major bridge to Delaware, Pennsylvania or New York has a toll. It got to the point that my HOG Chapter required every member to have EZ-Pass (they don't use SunPass) otherwise they would be accountable to catch up with the group at the next rest stop. It wasn't really an issue as everyone had it anyway.

Here in Florida, tolls are really an every-ride occurrence. The most common would be crossing the SunShine Skyway bridge. Those cash lanes can really be bottle neck. The SunPass lanes on the other hand get to zip right through in the far left lane. It really is the quickest and safest way to ride a motorcycle through a toll plaza.

Recently, I was discussing toll payment options on group rides when crossing the Skyway bridge with
some club members. I asked, "Why doesn't everyone just get SunPass? You get a discount on the toll payment. You can just add your motorcycle license plate to your existing SunPass account. And, if you forget the SunPass on your motorcycle the toll plaza will take a picture of your license plate and just bill your account."

Example of an Image Toll photo from my motorcycle
The general response I got was that people may not want to link a credit card to the SunPass account. So I went online to see if a credit card is even need to purchase or replenish a SunPass account. The answer is No, you don't need a credit card at all.

SunPass customers now have the opportunity to replenish SunPass accounts with cash at over 4,000 retail locations throughout the state of Florida. This new convenient service let's you add money to your account when and where you want. No credit card needed.

Adding money to your account and checking your account balance is as easy. You can find cash replenishment services at many authorized merchants near you including your neighborhood grocery, convenience and check cashing stores.

For more information on opening or paying your SunPass account go to www.sunpass.com/cash. I hope this help club members not wishing to pay cash to take advantage of the money savings and safety convenience options of a SunPass account.

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