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Monday, April 8, 2013

Sunday night Tapas at The Living Room

Somehow this entire "tapas" thing sort of got past me.

Yes, I know they are like Spanish appetizers, and they are a popular accompaniment to drinks. But they have just not caught fire with me for some reason.

However, last night the so-called FWCMC Sunday Supper Club gathered at the Living Room in Dunedin, and tapas are a prominent feature on the menu there. So there were a lot of tapas of various descriptions scattered around the table.

Beth and I both started with cups of soup, tomato bisque for me and cheese beer soup for her. Mine was great, and I had a taste of the cheese beer and that was really good as well.

Next, we split a small order of calamari, which was served with fresh olives and small red peppers that were considerably hotter than I at first suspected. Really good, as were the small salmon tacos that we also shared.

I want to look at this tapas thing a little more closely, because I like the small portions -- I find that as I get older my ability to really pack the food away is diminishing. Thank god.

This Sunday Supper Club thing, which I think Patti Chin is behind, has been a great idea. Our first outing at Pia's in Gulfport was a huge success, and so was the Living Room. Both of these dinners attracted 16 people, which is a pretty good crowd to put around a single table.

If you'd like to join us on a future Sunday evening, watch the schedule and come along.

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