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Monday, April 22, 2013

Safety seminar

     After breakfast at the Masonic Hall on Saturday morning, a small group of us rode on down to Jim's H-D to take in their safety seminar.

     This session took about an hour and included short presentations by several Jim's employees -- people from Service, Parts, Motorclothes and Rider Training, and I'm probably leaving out one or two others.

   The best part -- for me, anyways -- was the first presenter, who talked about rider training. Rider training through Harley-Davidson is called Rider's Edge. and there are two curricula -- Rider's Edge New Rider Course for newbies, and the Skilled Rider Course for veteran motorcycle riders.

     We are going to be looking into offering the Skilled Rider Course for our members through Jim's, so stayed tuned for that.

     The rest of the presentations did resemble a commercial to some degree, but it was still good to hear about H-D products that can contribute to a safe riding environment -- additional lighting, for example, or motorclothes with reflective fabric. When this seminar comes up again, you may want to think about going. We'll keep you informed.

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