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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lunch at Suzy Q's

Where do we find these places?

In this case, I’m talking about Suzie Q’s, a little eatery in faraway Myakka City, which is not a city at all, maybe 40 miles east of Bradenton out in farm country.  This is a little roadside joint that you’d blow right past if you weren’t looking for it.

Saturday was a great day for riding, with lots of sunshine and moderate temperatures. This was an over-the-Skyway ride, which was made a little more complicated on the way back because Dick Pritchard had his Sunpass stolen from his windshield in the Suzy Q's parking lot. But more on that later.

Suzie Q’s is as funky as you would expect, with strangely-painted cows on the outside walls and, well, outdoorsy-themed icons on the inside walls (see the accompanying  picture).  The locals who were eating there added some color. Lots of color.

I had done a little research on Suzie Q’s before I left home, and this is what I took away from that:  order the specials, but don’t order the food on the menu. The item on the top of the specials board was a fish sandwich so I took a chance on that (my usual rule of thumb is, “don’t order a fish sandwich more than 40 miles from the seashore,” but I didn’t much like the looks of the  other special on the board).

Much to my surprise, it was one of the best fish sandwiches I’ve had in a long time; a bun that was toasted just right, and a very tasty piece of fish.  Everybody else seemed real happy with their food, which ranged from a burger to a pork sandwich.

Up the road at a gas stop, Dick discovered his Sun Pass was missing. Whoever snatched it left Dick’s Garmin, and they passed up both SunPass and Garmin on my bike, which was parked nearby.  Ride leader Tim Snyder observed that he always puts his Garmin in the trunk when he stops anywhere, and I need to start doing the same more consistently.

By searching around the Internet before the ride, I saw that Suzy Q’s is a popular biker destination. Groups such as the Polk County HOG chapter and the GirlRiders.net group based in Tampa have both made Suzy Q’s a destination recently.

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