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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Member Review: AMA's Free Roadside Assistance Program

It was 9:30 am, the rain held off. I was excited to join the Florida West Coast Motorcycle Club on a ride to the Run With The Big Dogs poker run. I threw my leg over the saddle and slowly backed the bike out of the driveway. I had the smile on my face. That same smile I always get when about to ride my Harley. I turned the ignition switch, flipped on the run/stop switch and pressed the start button waiting to hear that v-twin rumble to life. Click...click...click...click...  I quickly went into denial. I just had the battery replaced five weeks ago. I attached the Battery Tender and it started flashing green. I knew that with an 80% charged battery and a bike making that noise I wasn't going anywhere.

towing vehicle
KnowTow loading my Road King on the truck
I called the road side assistance number on my American Motorcyclist Association membership card. As the phone was ringing, I thought to myself, I hope this free coverage works. I don't want to be waiting around all day for a tow truck driver who is contracted with this plan. The phone connected and a very friendly voice answered. After only a few minutes on the phone she had me set to get towed to Jim's Harley-Davidson of St. Petersburg. She told me should would call me back in a few minutes to confirm my time. 

towing vehicle
Load and ready to go
Less than 5 minutes later, I got call back telling me KnowTow towing company would be out in about an hour. About 67 minutes later, a specialized tow truck designed just to carry motorcycles arrived at my door. The driver was a fellow biker and sympathized with my situation. He loaded my bike up quickly and with as much care as I would have myself. Within a few minutes we where on the road to Jim's.

I'll find out this week exactly what went wrong with my bike. But I now can ride in confidence knowing first hand that the AMA Roadside Assistance Program works as advertised. I also learned that there is a towing company, KnowTow, in the Tampa Bay Area that uses specialized equipment to tow your motorcycle safe and professionally. There are so many reasons to join the AMA, this free benefit is just one of them. If you haven't signed up for the AMA's free Roadside Assistance Program, I urge you to do it right away. You never know if tomorrow morning may be your turn to hear click...click...click...click...
towing vehicle
My disabled Harley on the way to Jim's in St. Petersburg


  1. I had the same problem about 2 years ago. It turned out to be a defective (slightly rusted) ignition switch. Fortunetly an independent ex-HD wrench opened his business here in Eastern NC called Legacy Cycles some 7-8 years ago . Rather than ordering a HD switch he installed an aftermarket unit that works perfectly and costs about $200.00 less that an HD unit. Total down time was 2 days. The minor downside I now have two different keys to deal with, but at a very nice savings thanks to Mike Cockman of Legacy Cycles in Washington, NC. dougalt1@yahoo.com

    1. Good to know for when they call me to let me know what is wrong. Thanks Doug.

    2. I also had great experience with KnowTow towing when the starter went on my bike. I used HOG and the response time from KnowTow was fabulous. Their tow truck specifically for motorcycles was awesome. It is such a disappointment when something is wrong with my bike but at least I didn't wait around for a tow!

    3. Excellent feedback Marie. Thanks for sharing.

    4. Thank You for the kind words about KnowTow Motorcycle Towing & Transport. We Service the Tampa Bay Area with our Specialized Motorcycle Rescue Units for Motorcycle Roadside Assistance as a Motorcycle Towing Specialist. Florida's Largest Specialized Motorcycle Towing Fleet 24/7, no riders left stranded. Towing With Integrity & Quality Is The Essence Of Value.

    5. You guys were great. Thanks again for making it hassle free.

  2. Hello
    This is really very terrible, but thanks to roadside assistance service they came up in time and tow your bike and repair it....
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    Thanks for sharing your experience with us


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