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Monday, April 29, 2013

A weekend full of FWCMC

It's Monday morning, and the weekend is finally over. Maybe I can finally get a little rest.

It was a very motorcycle-intensive few days. I had been without the Harley for the better part of a week as I waited for Bill Billings to fix my transmission, so I was ready for some riding. I got more than I bargained for.

On Friday, I figured I better go pre-ride the Bok Tower route, a ride I was going to be leading on Sunday. It was a nice, solitary, 200-mile round trip through the country (except for the Tampa part), and I threw in some ribs at Kojak's on the way over just because I could. Given a choice, I would rather ride with friends; still, there is something really nice about the occasional solitary ride through the country, and I really enjoyed this one.

That little jaunt took longer than I expected, and I got back to Pinellas County just in time to head over to McDonald's and join an FWCMC group for a dinner ride along the beach that ultimately ended up at the Acropol for dinner. Thanks to Matt Knapik for putting this one together -- after spending all day by myself, it was great to meet up with some FWCMC people and do a little socializing.

Just enough time for a little sleep before Glo's breakfast ride to Skyway Jack's. This ride meant a lot to her, because it was her qualifying ride to become a FWCMC road captain. Beth Snyder oversaw the ride as Glo crossed all the Ts and dotted all the Is. She did a great job and she'll be a great road captain. We now have three female road captains, including Head Road Captain Christine Reed. All three are among the best riders we have.

So what's better than riding through the cool morning April air, and then eating Eggs Benedict at Skyway Jack's? There must be something better than that, but I don't know what it might be.

Time for a short nap, then over to the Masonic Hall to get ready for something we've never attempted before -- our own club pasta dinner cooked up in the Masonic Hall kitchen by a team of our members.

This was absolutely great! Patti Chin put this together and she came prepared, right down to the little moustache-on-a-stick party favors. Kim and Scott cooked up the pasta, meatballs and sauce, while others did setup and kitchen duty. Baker extraordinaire Ed Kozlowski baked French (Italian?) bread as well as a batch of cookies, Beth did her signature Whoopie Pies and many others pitched in with desserts, salads and other cool stuff. The food was great, the fellowship was great and everyone had a wonderful time, no one more than the Mexican Train game players who I tried but failed to evict at the end of the night.

Damn, I do love this group.

Okay, enough Italian food -- just enough time to grab some sleep and run down to McDonald's to lead the ride over to Bok Tower on Sunday morning. This turned out to be a great ride, with about 10 bikes and a lot of riders who had never been to Bok Tower before. We had a nice, cool ride through the countryside and
got there just in time for a very nice lunch at the Bok Tower restaurant and then a really delightful carillon concert. The Bok Tower carillon contains 60 bronze bells that weigh between 16 pounds and 11 tons. The bells are activated by a sort of keyboard, which on this day was played by world famous Dutch Carillonneur Geert D'hollander. Lovely, almost church-like music played in a quietly beautiful garden. Heaven must be something like this.

Once home, there was just enough time for a short snooze before meeting a small group of club members for a pizza dinner.

My life is rich and full, and it ain't over yet.

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