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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It All Goes to the Dogs...

          The signature event that FWCMC is planning started out as an idea for a full-blown poker run that would recognize and benefit the canine police units in Tampa Bay. We thought of a run that would end up at the pet cemetery behind the old Fletcher’s dealership, because that is where a number of the police dogs are buried.

    We got fairly deep into the planning process of that event when we realized we were going to have to deal with and overcome some fairly sizeable problems: for one thing, there was a lot of construction activity outside of Fletcher’s on US19, and that made us worry about the safety of moving large numbers of bikes and bikers into and out of the Fletcher’s property; for another, we worried that we simply were not going to have enough time to do everything that needed to be done in time for the Memorial Day Weekend event.
     So we re-thought everything and decided we needed something that was a bit more modest. We decided on a ride-in bike show, with proceeds to benefit a number of area dog-related charities. Our friends at Sea Dog BrewingCo. on US19 at Enterprise were very excited about the idea and immediately go on board as the host facility for the bike show.  Our partner, Cycle Springs, also got on board right away, and biker lawyer Fran Haasch also indicated sponsorship interest.
   Activities Director Matt Knapik has been working hard on this event, and points out that we are going to need quite a few volunteers to make everything happen.  A number of people have already stepped up.  If you want to help, make sure you get in touch with Matt. You can reach him at
Right now, it looks like the beneficiaries of our fund-raising will be Dunedin Doggie Rescue, The Florida Pyranees Association and the Southeastern Guide Dog Association.
Last night we held a meeting about the event, which is dubbed “It All Goes To The Dogs,” and things are starting to come together. Special thanks need to go to Matt, who has really stepped up and taken charge, and to Sea Dog’s, which is turning into a much-valued club partner.
Stay tuned!


  1. Awesome. That sounds like it will be a fun event for a good cause.

  2. Dunedin Doggie Rescue want to thanks Frank and Matt and the members of FWCMC for supporting the smaller local dog rescues... looking forward to a barkin good time at Seadog!

    1. Thanks Ken. We can't wait for the bike show.


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